SSIA 2013 SIlver Cup Contest

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Shoe Service Institute of America's is bringing back the Silver Cup Contest in 2013 to recognize excellence in shoe repair craftsmanship. We encourage you all to participate!

For more information and registration please go to:

Some dates to remember:
Prepaid Entry Fee Due January 31, 2013
Deadline for all contest shoes to arrive is April 26, 2013

Who is eligible? This contest is designed to reflect the standard of "re-crafting" or "re-manufacturing" that has been set for today's shoe repairers. Winning entries should look like they just came out of the box at the shoe store. A repaired shoe must be submitted with its unrepaired mate. (Unrepaired means never before repaired)

What to enter: You must enter one men's right full sole and one men's or women's left half sole.

Men's full sole & heel: Repair the right shoe of a man's Goodyear welted sole or cemented shoe with a new leather full sole & heel. Restore the upper on the repair shoe as well. A stitched sole (instead of glued) will add points to your score.

Men's or Women's Half Sole and Heel: Repair the left shoe of a men's or women's shoe with new leather half sole and a new heel. Restore the upper on the repaired shoe as well. The repaired shoes must e submitted with the unrepaired mate. Uppers should be restored but the colour should not be changed. The shape, size and balance of the shoes should not be changed.

Shoes must be sent by April 26th 2013 to: Petronio Shoe Products, 305 Cartiandt St., Belleville, NJ, 07109

Top 3 repairers will be contacted in May & announced on the SSIA website. The winner will be presented on July 20th 2013 at the SSIA show in San Diego.

Good luck to you all!

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